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Pitch Deck Coach & Writer / Editor

As a 25-year entrepreneur with a penchant for focused business writing, I welcome the opportunity to help with some of your trickiest writing challenges. Since exiting my last company, I have spent 6-years working closely with founders of all types as a mentor, pitch coach & writer. Whether you want to refine or create a pitch deck, or struggle with other sensitive business writing or documents, I will support you in the most founder-friendly way with crisp, concise, and effective language.

All customer and investor touch points need to be

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Yes, your pitch decks and related business communication can have a dramatic impact on the progress of your business, especially in the early stages.  It can literally be the deciding factor for investors and customers who have little else to use to judge you. Smart founders with a great product should have equally potent communication to their market.  You’ve already done the hard part so NOW put the icing on the cake!

In all of Bryan’s work, strong communication (written and verbal) has played a vital role. From key client communication, marketing and sales presentations, to sensitive documentation and capital raising or M&A material, Bryan’s writing has always been an asset.

Today, Bryan focuses on being a resource to those companies that he invests in or mentors and actively participates in various entrepreneur-focused organizations. As part of being
an active mentor and ‘pitch coach’, Bryan helps companies present, pitch and otherwise communicate with excellence. In all his work today, Bryan is a firm believer in being founder-friendly, 'paying it forward' and being a force of good. Bryan has both undergraduate and graduate business degrees from Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

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With a long history
of entrepreneurship

and business building, Bryan Kujawski has had the privilege of creating new businesses (solo and with great co-founders), joining businesses, and investing in / supporting various early-stage ventures. He’s been on all sides of the table -- as an entrepreneur, operator, investor, board member and advisor/mentor. While his main discipline has been AdTech, he’s dabbled in several categories including in eCommerce (and other SaaS businesses) as well as businesses that create actual physical products. Most notably, Bryan was the co-founder of 360i, an award winning, international digital ad agency. Additionally, Bryan co-founded Shop Visible, a SaaS ecommerce platform. Bryan helped build and operate these companies until they both were ultimately acquired. 

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Pitch Deck &
Writing Services

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All writing or pitch support services begin with zoom discussion discovery discussion and end with a zoom delivery of material with a clear explanation of the work. In some cases, the process may require multiple discussions in between (TBD case by case).  During the initial consult, I will be 100% objective and honest about my ability to add value and will respectfully decline the project if I’m not confident I can help. *Once I understand the scope of your specific needs, I will also estimate if the price of my services will be different than the minimums given below.

Deck editing and writing support do NOT include professional graphics.  Instead, I will make suggestions for the types of imagery that I feel pairs nicely with each slide’s content. From that, I advise you engage a freelance designer to create the art accordingly.  

All Pricing is Founder-Friendly

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Pitch Deck Creation


Please provide:

  • Summary with as much detail on your business model, objectives

  • Clear plan for use of deck and audience(s)

  • Any outlines or rough drafts that may be useful


  • Creation of full slide flow, speaking points, placeholders for professional graphics, sharp opening and closing slides

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Other Business Writing / Editing

Price TBD (after consult)

Help with drafting, refining, editing and generally creating better content, copy and communications across and array of documents / formats:

  • articles, blog posts, website copy, product descriptions, investor updates, email templates, high value client communication, survey questions, funding applications, advertising copy, sales documentation and more.

  • Pricing:  flat fee determined after 30-min free consult (link to consult booking)

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Pitch Deck Review & Revise


Please provide:

  • Complete or semi-complete deck draft

  • Clear plan for use of deck and audience(s)


  • Edited slide flow layout and order, creation of new slides and/or deletion of select slides, revised speaking points, creation or editing of opening and closing slides

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Free 30 minutes Consult


Let’s spend a few minutes chatting at no cost. I’d love to learn more about you, your business and how I can help. From this call, we can decide how to proceed and if my writing help is well-suited for you.

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Thanks for submitting!

Don’t let bad writing undermine

your company’s success.

“Weak company presentations and choppy writing will discredit even the best companies, deterring investors and customers.”  Be confident that your communication adds maximum value and definitively draws the audience in for more.

Contact Bryan

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What those who have worked with Bryan say

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Brittney Ziebell

Director of Entrepreneurship, Silicon Couloir

"Let me start by saying that we hope Bryan doesn't get a full time job because we'd like him to continue to spend as much time as possible with us at Silicon Couloir. From TEAMS mentoring, to Pitch Day coaching and committee work, Bryan truly has made his mark on entrepreneurship in the region. He's one of the first phone calls we make when founders need extra help with either drafting or refining their investor pitch presentations. It is clear to me that Bryan intimately understands the nuances of startups and the mindset of their founders. On top of Bryan's expertise, he is someone that makes everyone he works with feel comfortable and authentically themselves. I highly recommend Bryan for any projects pertaining to freelance writing for start-ups!"

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Jane Doe

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