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  • What if I’m not sure you’re able to help me?
    Schedule a FREE consult call. We can chat briefly and together assess whether I can help. I’ll be 100% objective – if I feel I can help you, I’ll explain how. If I don’t think I can help you, I promptly let you know and hopefully be able to refer you to other resources or options.
  • How long does your process take? What if I’m on a very tight deadline?
    Each slide deck or document is unique. The time required will depend on the magnitude of work required -- whether the deck needs simple editing, a complete overhaul or something in between. Often, I can turn around a presentation in just a few days, or faster in some cases. Let’s schedule a free consult and I’ll give you an estimate of the time required. In all cases, I’ll work hard to accommodate your schedule and needs.
  • Can you explain your pricing?
    I list a couple of prices for both editing and drafting pitch presentations. However, given that each situation is unique, the fees for my services may be different than those published on the pricing page. During our initial consultation once I more clearly understand the requirements for the project, I’ll confirm my fee.
  • What if I haven’t started my pitch deck?
    I’m happy to help from the start. As long as you are able to share key elements of your business, know your audience and have a general idea of what you’d like, I’ll drive the rest of the process. During our initial consultation, I’ll be better able to appraise the project and provide timing and final expected fees.
  • Do you also help with on-stage presentation tactics?
    While my main focus is on providing you with better writing, storytelling and flow, I will also provide some suggestions on your execution and delivery. Please note that these suggestions are merely additive based on years of being around the ‘pitch process’.
  • What does founder-friendly mean?
    Those who are founder-friendly have a true understanding of what it means to be an early-stage entrepreneur & founder of a company. As a previous company founder and having worked with startup accelerators I have a genuine understanding of what it means to support founders. Being Founder-friendly manifests in how I interact with founders and, importantly, how I charge for my services. Knowing that every dollar matters to most startups, my pricing will always reflect this.
  • Besides Pitch Deck coaching, what other writing help do you provide?
    I’ve either drafted or edited most forms of business content over the years via my own companies and/or through participation with other ventures. During our initial free consult, I’ll confirm whether I can help with your specific writing needs. Usually I can help, but if I don’t feel that I will add value, I’ll be 100% honest.
  • Do you also help with graphics for my pitch decks or other presentations?
    As a writer, I’ll help you draft the speaking points and key text for your slides. I’ll also provide suggestions for images on each slide, but I DO NOT provide actual graphics or design services.
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